Hand-held wireless devices are ubiquitous. Cell phones have evolved into powerful computing platforms with communications capabilities. They support an array of sophisticated applications and interconnect to high speed networks. As these devices have evolved, they have become far more energy consuming.

Battery technology has evolved, focused on storage capacity per unit volume, charge time and endurance. Not withstanding, battery capacity is one of the biggest considerations for mobile device users. Smartphones generally balance performance, battery life and size.

Aptus Mobile Companion for iPhone 5/5s and 5C provides a state of the art solution doubling the internal battery capacity and a convenient way to recharge without the need for a power cord. The ultra-slim protective case features an integrated AC adapter that is ready to charge your iPhone 5/5s and 5C, anywhere!

Backed by a patent-pending innovation, the heart of the Aptus Mobile Companion is the world’s smallest AC charger with folding plugs that stays hidden in the case until you are ready to charge the phone. A microprocessor monitors the high-speed charging process and diverts the power to the internal phone battery and back-up battery as needed.

This new device is a significant improvement over currently available solutions. Protective cases with backup battery are plentiful in the market place. However, once used for recharging the internal battery, they do not provide the convenience of recharging without having to carry a separate power cord and charger unit. Truly wireless charging by induction technique has been around for a few years but it is slow, requires external charging mat making it non-portable and requires modification/replacement of the phone’s internal battery and doing so will void phone’s warranty.

Future models currently in final development include the ability to charge external devices such as a Bluetooth hands-free headphones or your iPad from the back-up battery and a removable plug extender for even easier recharging.