The battery won’t Charge, it’s faulty!

It’s no longer a secret that iPhone 3gs batteries have a history of being faulty and from my personal experience and the numerous bad reviews and complains from iPhone users on various technology websites, this problem seems to be more serious than it sounds.

These problems are in fact hastened when the user disassembles the phone to change the casing or replace the battery. During my research, it was crystal clear that most of the iPhone batteries failed to take a charge once the phone was plugged into a wall outlet. Even after putting the iPhone into restore mood, the thing won’t charge! Some of these users get frustrated to the extent of using different chargers that bring little if any hope.

Whenever the suppliers of these batteries are contacted, they only recommend a replacement and even though they may send you an extra battery as compensation, the problem reoccurs sooner than later. Many users plug their phones to the wall outlet only to realize that by morning, the battery is empty and a thunderbolt on the phones screen…no power!

Many iPhone users, I included love the simple and straight forward steps of operating our tech toys as these gadgets can be complicated at times. We like keeping it simple, no charge? fix the charger to the wall…charge…charge…use the phone until you see the battery is running low signal then the cycle begins. But when the thing fails to charge properly or runs low faster than expected, we feel cheated.

After nearly ten years of operation, Apple seems dead on launching a lasting solution to end the charging and recharging problems and it only seems to be set on throwing all kinds of upgrades at us but don’t you think it’s time Apple became keen on getting a new sync and cordless charging solution that will end users’ headaches?

Aptus Power as an award winning company that has been on the forefront of inventing ways for cell phone users isn’t waiting for Apple anymore. The company has taken an edge in helping iPhone users to maximize their phone battery life and reduce future frustrations with charging and recharging problems. The company’s latest innovation of power converters are designed to perfectly fit inside a cell phone cover to conveniently provide a cordless charging solution that is a remarkable triumph with exciting results for iPhone users.

Beat goodbye to the external chargers and say hello to the cordless/wireless charging solution provided by Aptus Power and end your days of try-to-plug-in-turn-the-charger-cable-over-and-try-again-unsuccessfully!