Fun without Interruptions

Want to watch your videos on your iPhone by pilfering your screen to actually spin around or you wish to switch modes to view them in panoramic wide screen? Heading to a concert with the hope of recording the show and the audience? Going on a trip overseas and you wish to record your itinerary adventures? Looking forward to share your best moments with friends and family via Facebook or twitter? No matter what you are up to with your iPhone, you can do it from the palm of your hand without worrying about your battery running low because we’ve got you covered.

Until the invention of the award-winning cordless/wireless charging solution by Aptus, the frustrations of the external chargers and cords were accompanied by high charger replacement prices and lack of the peace of mind. Now, for less than it would cost to buy numerous battery packs and charger replacements, you can reliably charge your iPhone’s battery and use your iPhone for whatever application including streaming live performances.


Your iPhone usage patterns and third party apps determine to a larger extent the performance of the battery and its life too. Consequently, despite all the variables, it’s rare for most batteries to achieve a full day of regular use without needing a recharge. This is the painful case even when the iPhone user turns off the automatic sync which is thought to be one of the power hungry features of an iPhone.

Depending on the manufacturer, there are some batteries that drain power faster when the phone is in use and in this regard, it would be wise if users took their time to get a reliable battery that would complement our wireless charger to provide the battery a complete charge without any hiccups.

The Aptus Power charging solution of a cordless inbuilt charger and plug was born from a desire to integrate our phone of choice, the iPhone with our innovation. Our solution is designed to meet the demanding specifications of a wireless charging responsiveness and flow. The charger and plug are creatively crafted to provide a double impact charge to the iPhone’s battery.
Available in all sorts of anodized colors that include blue, grey, black and red, this wireless solution is a money-saving insight that forms a perfect combination of aesthetics, affordability and functionality for you.