Off the Shelf!!

iPhone users are smart people who are without doubt fed up. They are fed up with the 100% battery charging capacity claims made by suppliers. They are fed up with the poor quality chargers that get damaged easily forcing them to spend more bucks on buying replacements. And increasingly they are fed up with having to hop around with heavy luggage of bulky chargers that do not serve them sufficiently.

A lot of people in this generation are digital immigrants who have been forced into the world of technology by circumstances of job requirements and general changes that have incorporated technology. It’s evident that younger people are more of digital natives and they can’t remember any bit of how it was before the Internet or the other advanced enabling and social-connecting technologies came into existence.

Some digital immigrants seem not to have upgraded to the newest iPhone 5 and so they are still using the original iPhone model that had limited pods for charging with the external charger. It’s rather worth noting that most Apple customers are crying foul over the charging accessories as the old types of chargers are no longer available in stores and users have to buy them online. The digital natives seem to be more aggressive and as the digital immigration generation starts to retire, it emerges that even the old models have to go as change is created.