New model, Accelerated iPhone power depletion

It was just the other day when Apple launched its smarter model of its original idea of an IPhone, the iPhone 5. Acclaimed for its thin, tall and lighter features, the iPhone has been redesigned to have a sleek new look thanks to its brushed metal back and beveled edges.

The new iPhone incorporates an inbuilt LTE support that ensures a faster wireless data network speed, 40 percent faster than the previous models and Apple proudly says that your music will sound better with the new Earpod earbuds, your FaceTime calls will look sharper and the Retina Display is even finer. Bravo!!


All these enhanced features are great and make iPhone 5 a must have upgrade. However, all the significant changes may not be worth the upgrade if the battery and charger problems have not been addressed in the new model. For some people, the new features may not mean much and they will be comfortable sticking to their old and tired iPhones while others will be excited to jump into the world of iPhone5.

The iPhone is an exceptional piece of technology with powerful features that will allow you and me to connect, share and have fun. From facebooking to browsing, listening to music and sending text or making calls, an iPhone redefines the way we live our lives. All the functions are amazing but one thing is for sure, the rate at which the iPhone drains the battery is accelerated with these many applications. A battery that doesn’t store enough power for long directly correlates with a dysfunctional charger that doesn’t power the battery efficiently.