Half-day Battery Life

If you are a heavy user of your iPhone then you have at some point felt my charging frustrations. Maintaining a full battery amidst regular use is difficult as many batteries are designed to store power for longer hours with light use of the iPhone. Just like any other computing device, your iPhone is multifunctional and whether you are a photographer, businessman, Musician, manager, or no matter what your hobby is, the gadget is a must have.


As an iPhone user I’m convinced that you are savvy and you’ve probably been looking for a charging resolution to end your frustrations and that’s the main reason why you are on this page. Thumbs up for you!

iPhone chargers can be annoying. There are those that compel the users to recharge after talking for some time while others fail to charge to a full 100% as advertised. There are others that only work well for an emergency charge just to keep the phone alive until users get home and garage their iPhones in the wall outlet. The usual recommended remedy in these scenarios is getting another battery handy.

Aptus Power didn’t stop at power storage products as their main line of innovation but have gone further to create a superlatively designed in-built charger and cord that compliments the high-level craftsmanship of the iPhone like no other. The wireless charging solution has set a new bar for innovation and quality. The inbuilt charger that comes with a handy cord is beautifully lightweight and exemplifies Aptus Power’s commitment to unique designs that are user friendly. The charger is small and perfectly fits in your pocket and feels solid in your hand.


The inbuilt charger and plug promises longer battery use and it comes in handy when you are away from home on a vacation, at work, having dinner or at a game. It provides a convenient charging solution without ever using a power cord. Is this charging solution worth the price? If you’re a first time iPhone user then welcome to the family, and if you’re currently having an iPhone and you use the external charger, make the jump. You’ll be thankful you did.