Charge me up again!

Tired of your iPhone battery running low within 1-2 hours of heavy use? Fed up with those 2%-power-remaining-so-charge-me-up-quick-again messages on your iPhone? Then read on.

Life for many iPhone users involves carrying a portable battery pack or an external wall charger that are used to top off the iPhone power so as not to worry about the battery draining before the day ends. Regular use of the iPhone for many iPhone users involves Web browsing, Facebooking, Twitting, several phone calls, taking photos, emailing on WiFi and 4G/3G, uploading images to Instagram, texting, notifications, skyping not forgetting playing music. Ordinarily, the typical batteries having had several revamps during the day will have about 20% or less of battery power by the end of the day. Other users result to perilously using their iPhone while on the charge to avoid frustrations brought about by a charge dip. But that trend is about to come to an end.

Never use a corded charger again!

Aptus Power charging solution of an in-built charger and plug is an efficient unit that has been fine-tuned with quality components that not only elongate the battery life but also give the users an extra run time to take them throughout the day with many hours of back-up power remaining. You will have no reason to carry your spare battery charger everywhere you go.

Aptus Power specs guarantee iPhone users up to several days of endless Web surfing, audio and video playback, talk time and all other activities with so many more hours of standby time. Keep in mind that this needs a complete recharge and a great iPhone battery to hold up to daily use. Our inbuilt charger and plug is so efficient and powers the battery up there flawlessly. It consistently charges the battery wherever you go and since it’s not big, bulky or heavy, it’s convenient for those on the go.

This wireless charging solution is remarkably lighter, is sharp and perfectly fits in your hands. Its affordability makes it a great deal and it’s worth your time and money. Will you have it today? End your worries and relax as you focus on what matters to you most. Have fun!