Unreliable iPhone Chargers

Whether you use your iPhone for calls, texting, web browsing or Facebooking, your phone’s usage totally relies on your iPhone’s battery and therefore it makes a lot of sense that you keep undertaking measures that increase your battery or charge

Phone battery chargers are very sensitive as well as delicate and can easily get damaged. Extreme environmental conditions such as high or very low temperatures negatively affect your charger and battery. Have you ever noted that once you leave your battery in your car on a day when temperatures are too high the battery power gets slowly depleted? The case is also true when you place your phone on very cold surfaces. In this case, you’ll find that your iPhone battery will respond slowly to charging taking longer than usual to completely fill.

Many iPhone customers have been frustrated with charger problems that do not power their iPhones quickly and sufficiently. It’s a routine for many iPhone users to charge their iPhones overnight just to be assured of a powered phone at least for the better part of the next day. But sometimes these phones disappoint and by the time you plug in your iPhone with three bars, you are sure that the battery is more than halfway complete and it only needs a few hours to recharge and by the time you get up, you expect it to be completely full. But what do you do when you realize that even the three bars that remained last night have been powered down and yet your charger is still affixed to the wall with the battery charge indicator light not on? Of course you are smarter than your iPhone and you undoubtedly confirmed that the battery icon that indicates the phone is charging showed exactly that before you slept. It can be frustrating and very disappointing. 

Plugging your stylish iPhone in the charger wherever you go so as to continuously use your phone to say the least is very cumbersome. Even though our iPhones come with several cables redesigned to charge our crucial device anywhere including in your car, the activity of always having to plug your charger on to the wall or car battery to charge is not a pleasant one. You’ll even look and sound irresponsible not being out of reach just because your phone went off. Or have you ever had to keep switching your iPhone on and off just to reserve the low power for that very important call or information as you count hours, minutes and even seconds to that scheduled moment? I know you understand what I’m talking about; read on for a solution.

 We have the next generation solution that will make your tech toy’s life easier even on the go.Our iPhone case with a built-in charger and battery will put an end to your charging problems. Considered convenient, you will worry about something else but for your charge running low. Be smart just like your iPhone and try the iPhone case that has a built-in charger and battery today for long-lasting battery power!

About Aptus Power:

Aptus Power is a privately help innovation company focused on creating superbly engineered and styled power conversion and storage products for mobile applications. Our patent-pending miniaturized power converters are designded to fit inside a cell phone cover and provide a convenient charging solution without ever using a power cords. Just flip the plus and charge the phone!