Challeges with Smartphone Batteries


Welcome to Aptus Power blog on ways to simplify charging of your mobile devices while away from home or office. We are committed to bringing you the latest developments in charging solutions from battery back-ups to solar-powered chargers and more.

Cell phones have evolved into powerful computing platforms with communication capabilities. They support a wide array of sophisticated applications and interconnect with high speed networks. As these devices have evolved, they have become far more energy consuming. Innovation in battery technology has focused on storage capacity per unit volume, charge time and endurance, however, batteries have not evolved fast enough to supply the power needs for today's mobile devices and therefore remains a critical limitation to growth in mobile device usage. Increasing use of various 4G technologies further necessitates a larger battery capacity. Many articles are written on tips and tricks to get the most out of cell phone batteries, pointing to an inherent problem with power capacity of phones.

Mobile accessories producers have responded quickly with an array of expanded battery offerings that attach to the back or bottom of a mobile phone and provide extra power when the internal battery is depleted of power. The most popular brand for expanded battery is probably Mophie, which makes several different types of iPhone, iPod and iPad covers with extra battery. Other brands included in a recent PC Magazine review of iPhone battery cases include Kensington, Charge-It and PhoneSuit with most retailing between $80-$120. While these devices address part of the problem, they still require users to charge the phones and their extra battery containing devices using a power cord and an AC/DC converter (charger) to transfer electricity from house-hold current to battery.
In this blog, we intend to present and discuss the problems facing today's mobile phone users and find practical solutions to minimize their power related inconveniences.
About Aptus Power:
Aptus Power is a privately help innovation company focused on creating superbly engineered and styled power conversion and storage products for mobile applications. Our patent-pending miniaturized power converters are desinded to fit inside a cell phone cover and provide a convenient charging solutin without ever using a power cords. Just flip the plus and charge the phone!