Do you often forget to pack your iPhone charger?

Never use a corded charger again!

If you are techno savvy and enjoy surfing like me then you perfectly understand the frustrations that a dying iPhone brings. The Internet is by all means an entertainment platform for most of us and when you are busy surfing then the last thing you want to see is a signal of power shortage. Whether you are catching up with your friends or playing games, we detest in seeing the little red bar that leaves your iPhone screen black within a few minutes.

Your iPhone battery isn’t going to last very long if you actively use your phone throughout the day and especially if you surf a lot. To avoid inconveniences you have to carry your charger or battery pack around, an additional bulk to your bag. But what happens when you leave your most precious iPhone accessory behind? Real frustration!!

Sometimes life can be busy and when you ignore your alarm call, then your morning becomes a rush as you try to hurry up just to get to work on time and the last thing you will keep in mind is taking along that small white thing that you have to unplug from your bedside adopter.

To avoid frequent needs to charge and unnecessary frustrations when your phone turns off, you need to use a more reliable charger that will routinely charge your phone without interfering with your life. And because we think customer, our iPhone case with built-in charger and battery will be a solution to your frustrations. The case is handy and stylish and comes in different colors and variety to suit your

About Aptus Power:

Aptus Power is a  privately help innovation company focused on creating superbly engineered and  styled power conversion and storage products for mobile applications. Our  patent-pending miniaturized power converters are desinded to fit inside a cell  phone cover and provide a convenient charging solutin without ever using a power  cords. Just flip the plus and charge the phone!